History & Milestones

Our Journey: 2001 to 2015


The Beginning:

Came together in 2001 as a voluntary network of healthcare organizations with a keen interest to work towards common goals, in particular the development of an integrated system of care and support for the people of South East Toronto.

Public Awareness & Communication Successes:

Formalized Governance and Vision:

  • Developed a formal vision (2004): “Our group is committed to forming a Voluntary Local Network in South East Toronto that is flexible and can be customized to meet the needs of the South East Toronto community. The group believes health care can be improved by working together and, if agencies were organized and funded to share information, to cooperate and plan together to monitor quality, share resources and promote health awareness and prevention, health care could be vastly improved. This network would facilitate improvements in service delivery, ease transitions between health care sectors for clients, improve coordination across the system and ensure better use of scare resources.”
  • Procedural Framework developed (2004) to formalize Solutions governance and membership. Most recent update was January 2015, which incorporated a revised Mandate and Goals.
  • Solutions members have continued to work together on successful projects that have benefited clients, the organizations involved and the system at large.