Fostering an LGBTQ Inclusive Environment

This LGBTQ Education and Training Project is designed to build the capacity of staff to ensure a welcome environment for LGBTQ patients in the hospital and as they transition from the hospital to community organizations.

LGBTQ inclusiveness training is ongoing and is now co-facilitated by Michael Garron Hospital staff. In addition:

  • a partnership agreement was signed with The 519 organization to work towards solving gaps that all organizations have in common.
  • all participating organizations conducted a needs assessment to identify gaps/needs.
  • a dashboard of gaps has been created and partners are now working towards developing tools and resources to address these gaps; for example, ensuring language of policies/charters is inclusive.
  • a google share page has been set up to enable partners to learn/share with one another.

Poster – Creating and Fostering an LGBTQ Inclusive Environment